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Dynamic Compost Tea Limited (DCT), Where it all started.

In April 1991 we started selling commercial cleaning products to dairy farms and descaling milk vats in the top of the South Island, New Zealand.

Later we added wood working machinery to the business and sold out of Nelson and Christchurch and later again we became agents for a New Zealand Fertiliser company.

Sometime in late 2003 our owner was invited to a seminar on soil biology,

He found this very interesting so he enrolled in a course on soil microbiology and the soil food web.

He decided to wind down the other business and start a new business to focus on what he had learnt, so in march 2004 Dynamic Compost Tea Limited began manufacturing and trading, This new company would focus on the health of the soil, because if your soils are healthy your plants and all that eat them will be also.

Since our inception we have continued to develop new products and new manufacturing processes to increase the quality of our products.

Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants.