Welcome to DCT

Commercial Services

Here at DCT we are more than just your soil conditioner suppliers.

We offer an free Initial No obligation consultancy.

  1. We will come and visit you on farm and discuss what you would like to achieve,
  2. We will look over your soil tests and do a farm walk to see where improvements can be made, if needed we will take new soil tests,
  3. After this consultation we will make you a recommendation and a fertiliser program for the year to meet the specific requirements of your soil and pasture,
  4. If your soils need something we can’t supply then we will recommend products and services from someone who can.


This whole process is about getting your farms soils working at their optimum level to increase productivity and crop quality.

When application nears a representative will contact you to arrange a time for our specialty vehicles to apply our products.

  • Conventional and organic products.
  • No obligation consultancy.
  • Improve your pasture production.
  • Recommendations and fertiliser programmes tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Supply you with Soil tests. (an additional charge will apply)
  • We apply our products saving you time and hassle.