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Lazerhume Commercial

LAZERHUME is a 100% natural, organic certified, Humic acid based soil conditioner.

We developed our unique way of manufacturing Lazerhume to keep the product as natural as possible.

LazerHume humic acid is completely decomposed prehistoric organic matter.

It contains Humic, Fulvic & Ulmic acid.

Lazerhume humic acid helps:

break up compact clay soils and free up nutrients that are stuck in the soil, boosting water penetration and encouraging healthier root development.

In sandy soil, it aids water retention and can reduce and in some cases prevent the leaching of essential plant nutrients.

LAZERHUME humic acid offers carbon food sources to the indigenous microbes, fueling their activity and making vital nutrients available to the plant.

Some of the benefits that Lazerhume will help to deliver:

  • Stimulate biological activity
  • Provide readily available carbon and micronutrients for micro-organisms and plants
  • Stimulate seed germination and viability as well as root respiration, formation and growth
  • Increase protein and mineral content of plants
  • Make nutrients more soluble and available to plants
  • Chelate and mobilise nutrients
  • Free up soil bound nutrients
  • Buffer soil chemical reactions
  • Retain inorganic fertilisers, releasing them as needed by the plant thereby reducing leaching
  • Increase uptake of N and other nutrients
  • Improve soil structure
  • Open up compact clay
  • Increase soil moisture retention and water holding capacity
  • Buffer soils protecting them from chemical reactions and pH changes