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Restore Commercial

RESTORE is Turbo N’s big brother. They are very similar products but Restore delivers more soil conditioners and microbial feeders, this can be helpful in turning around more troublesome soils quicker.

Restore has been developed to condition the soil while adding nitrogen and other food and mineral sources in a more natural way.

Because of the unique formula we use to create Restore, less nitrogen is lost to leaching and ammonium volatilization, which means more plant available nitrogen over time.

Just some of the benefits that Restore will help to deliver:

  • Plant available nitrogen in the soil for up to 80 days.
  • Biological feeders which feed soil biology and improve natural nitrogen cycling.
  • Improved soil permeability which can increase water retention, reducing water evaporation.
  • Change anaerobic conditions to aerobic .
  • Helps make (mineralise) and keep (chelate) nutrients readily available for plant up take as needed.
  • Promotes vigour, disease resistance and root development, the result can mean a faster growing higher quality healthier plant.
  • Healthier microbial active root zone which creates stronger plants that uptake nutrients better.
  • Enhances nitrogen fixing bacteria which fix nitrogen from the atmosphere (free nitrogen)
  • Detoxifie chemicals and heavy metals.