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In 2013 we decided to use our knowledge and over 10 years of manufacturing and supplying soil conditioners and growing solutions to the commercial sector by making products available to home gardeners.

We used our tried and proven commercial products as a base, reformulating them for the specific needs of the home gardener, to produce high strength, high quality, soil conditioners and nutrient suppliers.

The first product we developed for the home gardener was DCT Soil-Restore and in 2014 we expanded our range by adding the thoughtfully named DCT Lawn & DCT Garden.

All our products are designed to work with nature, to help the plant by supplying nutrients that are required for it to grow healthy and strong.


Our New Home Garden Product

Our new product for the home gardener is called Lazerhume, it is a 100% natural product and is registered with New Zealand’s leading organic certifier Bio Gro, it is manufactured here in Nelson with our own unique processes.
The product is high quality Humic and Fulvic, the Benefits of this product are numerous and will greatly benefit all gardens, we look forward to sharing more information about it with you.


At DCT all our products are manufactured in Nelson, New Zealand, We take great care to use the highest quality ingredients available in all our products and our unique manufacturing processes have been designed to further add to that quality.

Please Check out our Facebook Page that is devoted entirely to Home Gardeners www.facebook.com/dctgardenproducts

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DCT Lazerhume
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DCT Garden
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DCT Lawn